Renee Kemper, It Works! Independent Distributor

I had heard about It Works and those "wrap" things from several people. I was not really sure what they were and really I was not all that interested. Then a friend came to me and told me about the research she had done and told me she was going to try them out. She shared her launch and her personal journey online as she went. I was completely inspired! Those "wrap" things really work! So I decided to book my first party and give it a try. 

After seeing the amazing results that not only she had, but that myself and others had, I was in. There was no question that I wanted to be a part of this! I wanted to be the person people were inspired by. It Works has so many amazing products to offer. Wraps are simply one of many things that will put you on your new journey to healthy living!
I love It Works for so many reasons. Not only for the products that they offer for healthy living, but because they are an amazing company as a whole. I have never been more proud to call a company my own. I love being in business for myself and working with the amazing people on my journey to health and freedom!
I am so excited to help anyone who is interested in learning more, planning a party or trying out a product!! I want to be the person you thank when you fall in love with It Works! products! Local to Northwest Arkansas, I'm also here for my amazing online community with web/online parties, retail and loyal customer support, and distributor support no matter where you live.
You can contact me here, or on my Facebook page at I look forward to helping you on your new journey in life!
Before and after photos of myself and clients that I have personally helped to start their new journey in life! 

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